Tracking Physical Improvement

Interesting read on tracking physical improvements in a relatively simple way (much like the Simple Frequency Form) from PropelPerform. I would, however, be careful to only implement this for players training for elite performance, not in regular youth teams/clubs.
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PA in Munster Rugby

George Murray, analyst of Munster Rugby talks about the role of analysis and the analyst in his club.
Read the article in TheScore…
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Videoanalys – Varför då?

This post is in Swedish only…

Denna film gjordes inför ett utvecklingsläger under sommaren 2013 för 16-17 åriga rugbyspelare som elitsatsar med målet att komma med i U18-landslaget under 2014, för att de skulle få en bild av vad videoanalys är och varför vi kommer att använda oss av det som en del i utvecklingen av dem som spelare och det U18-landslag som de hoppas bli en del av.

Filmen innehåller en del rugbyspecifika termer och scener, men fungerar precis lika bra för ledare och affärsfolk i alla positioner, för att förmedla ett budskap om varför man bör mäta (och hur) för att kunna säkerställa att man rör sig i rätt riktning och med rätt fart för att nå sina mål, dvs att ta ansvar för sin egen framgång.

PA trip to Munster

Lennie, Gail, the coaches at Rockwell College (Munster Rugby Talent Camp)
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In the kit bag

What do you keep in your kit bag when you’re a performance analyst?
Camera(s), tripod(s), laptop(s), cables, batteries, electrical outlets, “sladdvinda”, …..
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Overview – The coaching process

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What’s with the name?

Coming up with a suitable name for a blog about my work with performance analysis wasn’t that simple. It sounds like it was, but it wasn’t.

Some of the candidates I had sounded way too posh and ambitious and some of them were much too difficult to remember. So I decided to go for a really simple solution…

If anyone should ask “Who’s that?” when they spot me on the sideline of a rugby pitch shooting some video, the answer would be “Oh, it’s the PA guy” if they didn’t know me by my real name already.
So… it is.

Simplicity goes a long way, hopefully. 🙂

A blog is born – The mandatory “first post”

A blog is born!

Welcome to thePAguy. where I, Gunnar Mattiasson (read more about me in the About section), will write about my work as  a performance analyst and numerous topics related to that role. For instance, processes, technology, coaching, leadership and so on. Occasionally I’ll have guest writers who will contribute with articles on topics they’ve specialized in.
Together we shall try to clarify what we do, why it’s important and how we do it.
Hopefully you’ll be able to pick up some tips or tricks, get inspired or at least find an article where you want to share your point of view with the rest of us by commenting.

If you find something of particular interest, please share it with your mates and colleagues by clicking the share buttons below.

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